Sounds Of Healing

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By Vishal, our Spiritual Coach.

Nowadays there are many schools of meditation which are teaching or imparting know-how of the science of meditation and its concepts, there come with their unique identity, like the Buddhist, Hindu or chakras, but there is one thing which is common in all of them, is to start meditation from the root chakra and then move upwards, and this is the umbrella pattern and under all these patterns there is no mention or no relevance is shown or reflected on what is the energy spectrum which that individual has, which is totally contradictory to the founding principles of approaching the life energies. Confusing…….? Let’s ponder and plunge to discover what is it which is missing.

Did you ever wonder why are there so many types and compositions in the medicines, why should there be so many medicines why cant one cure all the ailments, as this is what is expected when a person undertakes the curative measure often referred as religion? As the choice of the mantras, procedures and also the process is copied/adopted by someone who was able to achieve something in society, may it be in terms of money or social status, taking his/her achievement as the benchmark for establishing the credibility of that measure, people choose it and then keep following it, and more than often landing in more despair than before, like a person who has a healthy insulin release is put on to insulin, what would that result in?


Mantras, hymns or any religious procedure lays an empirical impact on the atomic structure and behaviour of the person who is undertaking, which takes the author to suggest that these are things which should only be undertaken only after you have realized your energy spectrum and its behavior, which is contradictory to the way it is being adopted and/ or suggested in the present, as if there’s an umbrella cure to each and all issues which different people are facing and struggling with.


Do you remember what is the mood the temperature of your body the time you are an audience to a high tone music or rock star concert and on the other side the kind of sublime mood and the temperature of the body when one attends a low tone music, then the tempers and also the body behaviour is low in emotions, do you know why and how it is so? Music notes are not just any sound which goes through your ears, but what is your music taste defines its outcome, like a person who already has kind of stimulated root chakra or its mars is of higher value wouldn’t like to attend slow note music programs or music, as this music directly imparts its effect on root chakra stimulating its first and third cycle (which is quite necessary for healthy kidneys, gallbladder and small and large intestines), likewise choosing any hymn (which are single pitch or timber) or mantra (combination of several differing/similar musical pitch) may severely impact your bodily structure and also your societal well being, both in regard to money and wealth. The author before signing off this write up would urge to its readers, be wise to yourself and enact by logic based upon your needs not merely by its popularity.


My name is Bruno Wong,a normal student and not-so-popular blogger but I must be more. For 17 years,I've been asking myself lots of question like why I live and why my areas ain't rich and successful.Thanks for my mentor helps,the mindset is the main factor to decide who we are.At last,I find the answer. My mission is serving more people to chase their dreams and bring everyone to a better life through I.D.E.A.(Inspiration,Discover,Enhancement and Action) To do this,I must be a future entrepreneur.I have to be a dream chaser.


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