DreaMore Momentum

DreaMore 是一個追夢者的教育和共享資源平台,而我們開設Momentum 會籍,邀請富有夢想和熱情的朋友加入,一同追夢和透過會內的共享資源發展自己的夢想和協助會友的夢。 DreaMore is an educational and shared resource platform, and we set up Momentum membership, inviting passionate dreams and enthusiastic to join, together with dreams and through the sharing of resources to develop their own dreams and help friends dream. 會費: $500 /年


Benefits 益處

1⃣DreaMore 及本會資源共享





1⃣DreaMore and resource sharing

2⃣Design Action Plan and Review

3⃣Exclusive meeting, exchange dreams

4⃣All routine activities are free of charge

5⃣Design dream project, planning and the establishment of the team and other supporting

Features : (1) Exclusive Meeting and Resources Sharing 專屬聚會,交流夢想 我們有自己的會議在Momentum會員,會員將分享夢想和資源,以及他們自己的項目在會議。 此外,所有資源,包括DreaMore的教練,基金會和合作夥伴關係都將支持勢頭。 We have our own meeting for the members in Momentum, members will share dreams and resources as well as their own projects in the meeting. Also, all the resources including the coaches, foundation and partnership from the DreaMore will support the momentum. (2) Regular Events Free Opportunity 定期活動免費機會 我們允許所有Momentum參加DreaMore中的常規活動,如工作坊。 我們會邀請不同的老師及合作者和新來的朋友參加我們的活動,這樣可以顯示其社區文化,這也是對會員有益的更多的資源和更多爆光機會。 We allow all the Momentum to join the regular events in DreaMore like the Workshop. We would invite different pitchers and newcomers to our events, this could show the community and culture which is also beneficial to the members as more resources and spotlights. (3) Planning and Team-Buidling, Follow-up System 規劃和團隊建設,配套系統 配套對成員來說是最有價值的,因為我們將協助他們通過規劃行動計劃,並通過DreaMore建立自己的團隊。 此外,我們將會開展不同的培訓,並與教練和學校合作,讓成員加強自身。 The Follow-up is the most valuable to the members as we would assist them through planning the action plan and building their own team through DreaMore. Besides, we will launch different training and cooperating with coaches and schools for the members to enhance themselves. (4) Passion is our Battery!! 熱情是我們的電池! 我們對Momentum有很高的要求,因為我們希望這種類型的人能夠成功。 因此,我們將要求成員們每月設計和宣布他們的行動計劃。 激情可以受到環境的影響,這是我們的做法。 We have highly requirement for the Momentum as we would like this type of people can be succeed. Therefore, we will ask for the members to design and announce their action plan monthly and in the events too. Passion can be affected by the environment and this is how we do. passion的圖片搜尋結果

我們誠邀富有夢想和熱情的你,加入DreaMore Momentum, 雲集不同有夢想的朋友,創造不同的可能性,並且透過共享資源,實踐夢想。 We invite you to dream and passion, join DreaMore Momentum, gather different friends with dreams, create different possibilities, and practice dreams by sharing resources. 會費: $500 /年




My name is Bruno Wong, a normal student and not-so-popular blogger but I must be more. For 17 years, I've been asking myself lots of question like why I live and why my areas ain't rich and successful. Thanks for my mentor helps. The mindset is the main factor to decide who we are. At least, I found the answer. My mission is serving more people to chase their dreams and bring everyone to a better life through I.D.E.A.(Inspiration,Discover,Enhancement and Action) To do this,I must be a future entrepreneur.I have to be a dream chaser.



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